In recent years, the idea of living a nomadic life has grown in popularity.

This “new” lifestyle has been glamorized in popular media, books, movies, and songs.

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One reason that people are so drawn to follow this path is that it espouses the philosophy of “living life to the fullest.”

One aspect of this belief is not being tied down to a traditional idea of earning an income.


10 Ways To Make Money On The Road

Written by guest writer Sarah Brooks

Many have chosen this life on the road and have attested that it does lead to a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that most people in traditional career paths continuously search for.

This article lists the top 10 ways that you can follow this traveler path and earn at the same time.


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10 ways to make money while travelling digital nomad lifestyle make money on the road

1. Run A Blog

A lot of travelers have survived and even thrived off of running a blog.

It won’t necessarily make everyone rich but it can be a good way to pour your passion, showcase your whereabouts and the activities you are doing, ponder on life’s meaning, and make a living at the same time.

All you need is a love for writing, email marketing, and digital marketing and you are good to go.

Most people start a travel blog that lists points of interest in any given place, good places to stay, local food to try, and activities to do.

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2. Be A Freelance Writer

There are many websites that connect businesses offering work and writers looking for projects.

Most assignments involve writing an article for a blog, or websites looking to expand their content.

What it requires is the same with starting a blog, a decent writing skill and a passion for research.

This is one way that digital nomads make money to fund their travels indefinitely.


3. Photography

If your photographing skills are fairly good, you might want to consider putting your photographs up for grabs.

A lot of online and print magazines are always looking for awesome photographs they can put on their magazine’s pages for advertising and merchandising.

They usually pay handsomely provided that your photos are unique and beautiful.

This usually entails photographing destination hotels, resorts, outdoor adventures, tourist attractions, cultures, and traditions.

4. Bar/ Restaurant Jobs

The easiest way to earn money on the road is usually working for bars or restaurants in places you visit.

If you have a work visa while traveling, you should have no problem picking up some hospitality work.

A lot of seasonal resorts and hotels are always looking for more manpower during their peak seasons, too.

World travelers follow these jobs, from ski resorts and lodges during winter, then spending the summer months in the South of France or in Greek islands serving food and drinks.

Most of them earn more in tips than their salary.


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5. Teach English

If you plan to spend a good chunk of your travels in Asia, you might want to consider teaching English as a second language.

Countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea are always looking for good English teachers and the teachers usually get a rather substantial salary.

A basic requirement is having a university degree but it greatly helps to have a TEFL or TESOL certificate. English is not only what is on demand.

Native speakers of French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Mandarin are highly-sought after around the world.

5. Be A Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is always a viable option to earn money while you are on the road.

Virtual assistants are people who provide support to businesses from a remote location.

This has gained a recent surge in popularity because of improvements in the telecommunication industry.

Due to high-speed internet, sharing of documents is done instantaneously.

Entrepreneurs and a lot of online businesses are common employers for VAs but other small businesses also look to VAs to handle specific tasks like social media management.



7. Role Of An Au Pair

A lot of travelers, particularly women, have funded their expeditions by assuming the role of an au pair in various cities and countries.

An au pair, essentially, is a young adult, usually unmarried and with no children, who travel abroad to live with a host family.

They are not, however, considered housekeepers or nannies.

They are treated as part of the family and usually help attend to the kids and do some light chores around the house.

In return, they get free board and lodging and some extra pocket money.

People assume this role as a cultural exchange and a way to improve their language skills.


8. Get Into The Transcription Businesses

Another option to earn cash in a relatively easy way is to get into the transcription businesses.

If you have a decent typing speed and good hearing, you can earn big bucks with transcription.

A lot of transcription companies are always looking for workers to handle the workload they have.

They offer a wide variety of transcription jobs from legal transcription to medical transcription and general transcription.

You’ll get paid by the number of minutes of audio or video you transcribe and there are no contractual obligations, you can quit anytime.

9. Sell Products Online

One very lucrative way to make a living while on the road is by selling products online.

Travelers who have a knack for making beautiful trinkets and memorabilia can start their own website or associate with existing online retailer like Etsy or Amazon to sell their products.

With more and more people doing their shopping online, this is a great way to earn an extra income while being out and about and traveling the world.

10. Watch Over Pets Or Homes

There are many people who will pay for others to watch over their pets or homes.

Pets are part of the family, so fur-parents will go above and beyond to make sure their fur babies are safe when they’re away.

This way, their pets get a more personal care compared to pet boarding or kenneling.

Some pet sitting job also entails watching the house while the parent is away.

They can stay in the house for free so long as they assume some of the chores and maintenance work around the property like pool cleaning, lawn mowing, and making sure everything is running smoothly.


Sarah Brooks is a passionate blogger and frequent traveler enjoys sharing little-known facts and fun stuff about classic car parts and accessories. She is currently working for Tuckersparts, which offers premiere classic automobile parts.

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