Green vacation tips: Living a green, eco-friendly life doesn´t have to stop when going on vacation! Having a green vacation doesn´t have to be expensive or complicated either.

Green Vacation Tips: Eco-Friendly Vacations Made Simple

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Today I want to show you how easy it is to plan green vacations. Don´t worry, it doesn´t mean you have to book a holiday on a farm unless you´d like to.

I am going to give you some tips on what to look for when booking, preparing and going on your vacation.


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What To Look For When Booking A Green Vacation

Green vacation tips for travel: If you travel by plane, look for a flight company that is trying to reduce it´s carbon footprint or has a recycling programme.

See if you can travel by train instead of taking the car. Travel will be more relaxing for you as well as more eco-friendly.

When booking a hotel, look for eco-friendly options. There are hotels now that have their own vegetable gardens where they teach kids as well.



Make sure that you could reach many things walking or that there´s a bike hire and enough public transport around your hotel. Unless you go on vacation like we did the last time: we didn´t leave the hotel for the whole week we´ve been there!

Pack only what you absolutely need! There´s always a possibility to wash some things if needed. But traveling light will save fuel and reduces the emissions. And this not only when you travel by car, this counts for public transport as well.

Don´t book all inclusive! I know it is very convenient, but at the same time all inclusive creates a lot of unnecessary waste.

Find out what kind of green activities are offered in the area and choose the ones you find interesting.


Green Vacation Tips: On Your Way To Your Destination

Pack lunch and snacks before you leave and bring your own bottles filled. This way you reduce waste and can even ask for a refill into your bottles or cups. Make sure you avoid unnecessary packaging.

One other advantage of packing your lunch before you go is that you can then pack snacks when going out or to the beach…

I know it seems pretty obvious to most people, but I have to say it: do not litter on your way nor on your vacation!

Take a reusable shopping bag with you as well, especially if you don´t go to a hotel. This way you don´t have to buy another one.

Don´t race there when you take the car. Keeping to the speed limits and not driving too fast will save you patrol as well as being better for the environment.


Green Vacation Tips: Take Note While You Are There When you are there

Every country, state, region etc. has it’s own regulations and systems on recycling. Find out what has to go where.

If you notice that you have forgotten something, try and get it from a thrift store or a charity shop instead of buying new.

In many hotels towels only get changed when you leave them on the floor. Don´t put them out every single day or inform staff that you don´t need them changed every day. This cuts down on water, electricity use and chemicals getting into the water.

Leave everything cleaner than you found it: find out if there are clean up activities or other green activities organized by locals and join in. Getting into contact with the locals this way they surely will give you tips on good locations to go or activities to do. Insider tips are always good.

Staying with this and coming back to it: don´t litter! And maybe pick rubbish up you see laying around.


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Green Vacation Tips

Try to avoid using the car whenever you can. Same counts for saving electricity. I know it´s not your bill, but cutting down on electricity use helps the environment, so turn the air con off or on a higher temperature when you are not in the room…

Same counts for water. Try and not waste it!

When shopping, go for local products rather than imported. Maybe there is a farmer´s market or a farm shop around.

Visit them instead, especially if your kids have never been it´s gonna be an extra adventure.

Talking about kids: instead of taking them to a theme park on your vacation, take them to a day out at a farm where they can learn things and maybe even get hands on.

Some farms offer fields where you can pick your own fruit and you then pay the weight of what you picked. Your hotel and the tourist info can give you tips on such offers.

Should you have bought more food than you needed, please don´t throw it away! Ask if you can leave it or if there is a charity you can give it to.

There might be a homeless shelter around you can donate food to you cannot take with you. Or one of your neighbors might be happy to take it. Anything, as long as it doesn´t end up in the trash!

This counts as well for anything you cannot take home with you: donate or take those things to a thrift store.

I hope you have found some useful information in this post and would love to see you again either on my blog or on social media. Should you be interested in starting a greener life yourself, but are not sure how, then download my free guide 15 tips on starting a greener life.


Mascha is originally from Germany, now living in Spain on the sunny Costa Blanca, where she met her soulmate. Mascha is passionate about the future of our planet, and created the green blog

“In my opinion, we have to start from the bottom to make a change or our children´s children will not have a future on this precious planet. If we all do what we can, then it will make a difference. If more and more people demand eco-friendly products and environmentally-friendly production, companies will change their strategies.”

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