Traveling at an early age is forever a golden opportunity for the comprehensive development of children. And how to travel with kids to Vietnam can surely be a concern of many foreign family travelers.

We have some golden rules for family travel in Vietnam, so that your family will have a quality time together.

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We also suggest several wonderful tourist destinations in Vietnam for the most memorable journey ever!

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How to plan a trip to Vietnam with your kids

Written by guest writer Hoàng from AZ Local Trip

Doing a package tour is rather inconvenient when you travel with kids to Vietnam. Instead, once you choose to go on your own, the decision is yours.

The pace of the trip is under your control, so no worries over overwhelming your children with activities.

You should stick to a travel checklist of your detailed plan in terms of clothes, footwear, toiletries, medicine, electronics and documents. Traveling with kids to another country is always another story.


Where to go in Vietnam

When picking a destination, parents should carefully consider the environmental and weather conditions. Your children are vulnerable to smoke, dust and polluted environment.

Choosing a suitable destination is of great importance. Travel with kids to Vietnam is the playing and learning opportunity for children!

Hanoi – The capital city of Vietnam

Hanoi is always a good choice for every international family travelers. Its thousand-year history and culture are a striking feature.

travel with kids to vietnam family travel vietnam cheap flights hotels Family holiday to discover cultural Hanoi

Thousands of historical and cultural sites, craft villages, festivals, various art forms and superb cuisine are a plus when you pick a spot to travel with kids to Vietnam. You may want to know how long you should spend here, then you could get your answer with Hanoi Itinerary here.

Within Hanoi, your kids can visit some museums such as Hoa Lo Prison, or enjoy the water puppet show in the Old Quarter (you, and your kids do not have to understand Vietnamese to enjoy the show).

Or you can help your children make their very first unique ceramic items at Bat Trang Village. How cool is that?


Da Nang – The most worth-living city in Vietnam


Da Nang has acquired this reputation thanks to its beautiful scenery, vibrant culture and hospitable local people.

travel with kids to vietnam family travel vietnam cheap flights hotels comparedtravel.comTravel with kids to Da Nang Beach

Grab the chance to travel with kids to Da Nang and enjoy the sea. Your children will appreciate building castles on the soft white sand and swimming in the freshwater.


Phu Quoc Pearl Island

Once you travel with kids to Phu Quoc, your family will be attracted immediately by the beautiful blue colour of the sea. In addition, gentle rolling hills covered with vast green forests and diverse flora and fauna will impress you all.

travel with kids to vietnam family travel vietnam cheap flights hotels comparedtravel.comChildren enjoying on the soft sand at Phu Quoc Island

Your children will enjoy participating in leisure activities such as yachting and fishing. They will have a lot of fun experiences as well as practice practical skills at the same time.

Vinpearl Land Amusement Park is not a bad choice, your family can spend the whole day there to relax after many long working days.

What is more, Phu Quoc Island preserves many historical relics, which helps the children gain insight into the history of an unfamiliar country.


Best Cheap Hotels Vietnam




Where to stay in Vietnam

Booking your accommodation in advance is a must when you travel with kids to Vietnam.

Both hotels and holiday rentals have their own merits. Services such as meals and baby-sitting are available at many hotels.

However, renting a cosy house enables you to make it at home. You yourself can prepare meals subject to your kids’ diet.

The choice is up to you and it is worth a careful consideration.


What to bring on a Family Trip To Vietnam

Medicine and first-aid kit

Children getting sick during a trip to new place is expected. You had better prepare a small first aid kit and some essential medicine just in case. Mosquito spray, insecticidal cream for children, patches anti-fever, diarrhoea medicine are suggested.


You should prepare suitable clothes as well. Even if your family travel in summertime, taking some long-sleeve clothes can also be necessary. We need to be well-prepared towards every unexpected situation.

Once you decide to travel with kids to the beach, hats, glasses and sunscreen are required.


It takes longer time for children to adjust to a new environment compared to adults. When you travel with kids, they may have difficulty having a different type of food.

You can bring some familiar snacks during your trip. Some processed food is okay. If Vietnamese cuisine does not suit your kids, they will still have things to eat.


Some children may find it to sleep in a different place, so you can bring your kids’ pillow, small blankets or stuff toys along.

Finally, parents should put a piece of paper with parent’s name and contact information in kids’ pocket.

travel with kids to vietnam family travel vietnam cheap flights hotels comparedtravel.comTravel with kids to Vietnam on a flight

How to fly to Vietnam 

You are advised to choose the night flight time so that your children can sleep.

If your family needs to fly a long way, the arrival time should be in the evening, it is easier for your kids to adjust.

Also, you had better bring something to attract your kids’ attention. Some small toys or a small picture book may stop them from getting bored during the flight.

Hope that with these suggestions, you can know what to prepare for your family, especially your children when you are on plan to visit Vietnam.

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